Michigan BDIC Defensive Driving Course

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Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDIC)

SOS Approved

Finish the course all at once or take your time

Easy to read and interactive

No boring classroom

Avoid Costly Insurance Rate Increases

Course Eligibility

You are eligible for the Michigan BDIC if:

You have received an eligibility letter from the Michigan Department of State

You have received a minor traffic ticket (i.e. not a criminal offense) View eligibility

You hold a valid, non-commercial driver’s license

You have 2 points or fewer on your driving record

The violation you received is 3 points or fewer, and NOT for careless or negligent driving

You have NOT completed the BDIC program before

You do NOT have a restricted or suspended license.

Michigan SOS-Approved
The Basic Driver Improvement course is approved by the Secretary of State (SOS) in Michigan. It doesn’t matter which court you report to or which county in MI you received your ticket – our fun and easy Michigan driver improvement program can help clean up your driving record and keep your insurance premiums from shooting up, all while teaching you valuable defensive driving skills along the way.