How It Works

Internet Course

Not only is our internet course cheap its fast and easy. Why take a traffic school that is boring and only has text and a few pictures? Our course is interactive with videos and easy to learn videos. We also have no timers for our California course which means you can finish as fast as you want. Once you have completed the and passed the final exam we will submit your certificate tot the court and the DMV electronically. We have same day processing so if you have waited to the last minute, don’t’ worry. As long as you pass before midnight on your due date you are good to go.


Booklet Course

Just like our internet course, our booklet course, provides you the flexibility to take the course anywhere you don’t have an internet connection. If you are going camping for a week and need to finish traffic school but don’t have access to the internet this is a perfect alternative to our internet course. We will ship you the booklet along with the the test. Simply take the course answer the questions and ship it back. Once we have graded your test and you have passe, we will electronically send the completion to the DMV and the court.